Wow! I just don’t believe it!

I am like many you that when I am offered a new opportunity …I tend to think …Oh yeh!

Well depending on whether you want to increase your reads and maybe that you want to join Ad- Sense and they like to see what readership you have before they let you join and I am sure others do that as well.

I have been blogging for 2 years now and have met so many lovely people and I love WP its ease of use etc and I have no problem at with it. The odd blip but for a free site  it’s great.

I am thinking of changing to Wp.Org for a few reasons……and I hope that will be fairly trouble free…If anyone has any tips or anything they think I should know before I jump …please let me know.

I am also staring an on-line business so am looking at where I will get the most coverage.

Through social media etc.

Now in 2 years I have had 18,343 reads probably quite small by some  people’s reads but I am happyish with that ….I have some lovely followers.

Niume as you  know I have been writing for since mid November so nearly 3 months. I share my posts to WP as some of you will know and Tweet some, Instagram some and Flipboard most.

It is a lovely site to use and the owners are always doing videos to help us with increase our readership and followers. In fact they are very good. There have few grumbles but in honesty it is small team and they have made lots of improvements and some people just want more and can’t wait. But it’s a good community. The site is a joy to use and we get paid. Paid for everyone who signs up through our own personal link and paid for how many reads we get.

I had an e-mail this morning from them which was as follows…and you can see in 3 months my reads outstrip WP by miles and with not that much additional work from me.

Congratulations Carol

Your posts on Niume have reached 50114 reads.

Check out this blog piece with 8 tips to increase your visibility through Social Media.

Social media unlocked: 8 ways to increase your visibility on social media

Social media unlocked: 8 ways to increase your visibility on social media

The letters always come with more tips and most work….All the buttons to share are on account so you don’t have to add them …In fact it is a great site and friendly even the owner chats to us on FB if we have a problem so helpful and hands on.

Flipboard was recommended by them and you create your own magazines and it can be just for you to FLIP articles into or you can name others who can also flip into it.

So it acts as storage for my favorite posts all in one place which is nice..again easy to navigate.

So if you would like to join me on Niume please click the links below. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain…..See you soon 🙂


Flipboard is

It’s time to go and cook!… I made scones again today and they still don’t taste like my mum’s so it looks like I will making scones everyday until I get them right….so simple yet  so hard to get right…







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