So come on…What car are you????? Simple like me??????

All About Healthy Choices

Publication2CROPPED400Providing guidance to help people achieve a better quality of life is a noble goal. One of the biggest problems, however, is not knowing what the recipient’s goals and desires are. It is easy to tell people to:

  • eat better

  • exercise more

  • reduce stress

but without clearly understanding an individual’s needs, these recommendations may not meet the requirements necessary to achieve the lifestyle desired.


It might be more advantageous to view lifestyles like we view cars. The above pictures show eight examples of different cars. Although they are all designed to get a person from point “A” to point “B”, each one does so in a different manner. The “economical” car will likely require less maintenance, less gas, and provide less performance than the “sports” car. The reason for such a variety of cars is to meet the variety of needs for the consumers who drive them.

Determining LIFESTYLE needs…

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