Must- see Thai Temples…

Visiting Thailand??? Some beautiful must see Thai Temples from the new to the very old but all unique and with their own charm and beauty…

Please pop over to my new blog and give it some love and sharing…Thank you…Have a Sunday wherever you are and if you are Thailand maybe you will find a temple to visit here….Enjoy! xx

Have a lovely Mothers Day all you mothers out there xxx


8 thoughts on “Must- see Thai Temples…

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    1. Carol Post author

      Hi Debby..Yes your comment does show and I have replied I have had nothing but trouble since I started this blog and cannot get a definite answer as it seems to be an intermittent fault,..It is driving me crazy 🙂 xxx Thank you for letting me know I will try and get some sort of answer I am going to rattle a few cages …lol xxx

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  2. Lucinda E Clarke

    We visited Thailand in 2016/17 and saw dozens of temples, I’m sure the people who took us wanted to make sure we saw every single one of them! I was a bit templed out by the time we left but they were wonderful.

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  3. All About Life

    I visited in March and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the place is and am planning on returning next year. My friend and I visited many temples and took so many photos; they are stunning and so incredibly peaceful. We were lucky enough to visit the giant Buddha temple when the monks were chanting and I stood there for ages just listening and when I received a blessing from the head man (not sure how they’re referred to sorry) it was actually really emotional. Everyone we met at these temples seemed to have a sort of inner glow! Thanks so much for your post and bringing back some wonderful memories x

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