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You are never too young to cook!

I believe that if children want to cook then they should be allowed…There are always things they can do …..Even Lily she bashes the biscuit crumbs for the cheesecake base..she is a dab hand with the pestle and mortar and can cut a mean mushroom. She also has to clean cook…You clean…Is my motto…


Aston has progressed, he cooks all the steaks and eggs, the pie tops and is my taste tester for Thai food… A bit more lime or fish sauce and ramp up the chillies is his mantra.

Even Lily especially when it is beef salad sits with tears rolling down her cheeks saying Ped (hot) and still eats it…lol…. A true Thai 🙂


Aston cooking brushing the pies

Aston sharing what he has cooked…His friends in the village wanted to try our food..this time it was spaghetti bolognese….next time he is going to make carbonara so he tells me…I think food unites us..well it certainly does here.

do they like spag bol

Aston cooking Grapow Moo ( stir fried pork with the herb grapow) which is served with steamed rice with an egg on top. Grapow belongs to the basil family.


Lily is making biscuits.

Lily (2)


Aston helping with the bread he loves kneading the bread….


Ready for the oven just brushing with milk.

brushing rolls with milk

Fresh from the oven….

bread rolls from oven 1

I have had this post half done for a while…Current events have greatly saddened me and I believe we can change things although some things have to come from those in power and publicly.

Some of my grandchildren are mixed race and we love them all equally and are very proud of them. I believe food can transcend some barriers if we share. We do this and if my grandson comes across prejudice we make bread…He can knead and bash that bread and we then get lovely bread and his anger at any injustice is forgotten…Dough is a wonderful thing and anyone who dares to tell me it cannot change …I will defy them and say it must change..there are many wonderful tolerant, loving people in this world and we can’t change the past but we can affect the future and need to look forward to a better one for our children and grandchildren by taking a stand against those who don’t want that…If we all did that it would have to pass on that message that says we don’t want this, we don’t agree with this… But stand and be counted..we must do that…

Until next time stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy ..I love you all and am thankful that you read my posts….If you like them please reblog and share….



Homemade Eggless Pavs

I have been thinking about making bread for a few days now and came across this eggless recipe for bread which sounds and looks pretty good…So after an hour of making Jalapenos, it is now onto some bread rolls 🙂

A pickle update for you..the pickled cucumbers on the above link are awesome the best I have tasted so crisp and the Thai cabbage as always just yum….The Jalapenos as always the best..and sometimes just hot, hot and hotter…

Masalachilli - A Celebration of Indian Vegetarian Cooking, with a twist!

I am an eternal bread lover. Yes I’m aware that most South Indians usually don’t consume bread a lot. I mean my mom always used bread to make upma or maybe a toast on rare occasions so learning to bake or appreciate breads was totally out of question.

I fell in love with breads somewhere in my early 20’s when I started working & tried some fancy breads like garlic loaves, bread sticks, focaccia in a cafe. That’s the time I also started experimenting with cooking at home. I always wanted to bake breads at home but somehow due to busy professional commitments, didn’t really work towards it.

So yes, my bread love goes way back & the love is only going stronger day by day!

So coming back to year 2017. One of my New Year resolutions was to learn bread baking which I did & then I was…

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