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Healthy Eating …

lady holding veggies

I try to eat healthy or as much as I can or I want to…I like the occasional treat and why not???

I am careful about what I feed my family and my cooking methods and I do what I reasonably can… I check out things or products I am not sure of and make my own mind up as to whether I buy it or not.

I believe it is all about balance and not being fanatical as that just makes you miserable and laughter is good for you as well.

I know it is hard to check and there is a mine of information out there and some very believable I will say…But I love digging and not just the garden and sometimes I get really frustrated and just save the links for another day when my brain is clearer…

What annoys me most and there is one in particular that when I see his name connected to a statement of supposedly valid, 100% true facts….I read, double-check and read again….I also came across and interestingly…and no I am not going to name drop…I believe he has a regular tv show … But the other week I  was reading something which stated a fact and provided the name of the organisation which conducted the research… BUT… it wasn’t a clickable error??? We all make those…

So  I copied and pasted the link…. yes there was a study and it totally contradicted the statement this doctor had made…

My conclusion was that he is very famous and a lot of people hang on his every word and take it as gospel and wouldn’t click the link if they had been able to anyway…Total faith in his word.

Today I read a post that mentioned him, Two in fact …One interested me as it was the topic of a post I am currently writing…. This is where the red mist took over… My husband always used to tell the kids it was “tin hat” time…lol

Real life medical doctors have investigated claims made on this show and stated that not even half of the recommendations made were based on any proven evidence at all….Now that is scary..don’t you think????

Rant over ..normal service will resume with a smile with my next post and I promise I will research everything as much as I can but please..check for yourself…Promise me that…. You owe it to yourself and your families…

Until next time…Stay safe, laugh a lot and ASK a question.







Who can you trust??



How reliable is the information that you read online? Particularly if it is about your health or the health of a loved one?

It is a veritable minefield out there and so many sites write anything to either sell their product or get your e-mail address so they can sell you their product or so they can flood your inbox with what they think you want to hear and sell you that information.

If you are looking for something and are faced with page after page of information then firstly remember you can PAY to be at the top of a search engine so just because they are top and not on page 105 doesn’t mean that what they are saying is true.

It is very easy to be taken in when you dearly want a “cure” or ” remedy ” but please it is not nice to have your hopes dashed when the product doesn’t work or causes a bad reaction.


If you’re visiting a health website for the first time, these 5 quick questions can help you decide whether the site is a helpful resource.

Who?      Who runs this website? Can you trust them?

What?     What does the site say? Do its claims seem too good to be true?

When?    When was the information posted or reviewed? Is it up-to-date?

Where?   Did the information come from? Is it based on scientific research?

Why?      Does the site exist? Is it selling something?

Don’t rely completely on online resources if you are considering alternative methods of treatment. Talk to your health practitioner they often know of tried and tested alternatives or an alternative that runs alongside conventional treatments.

As I stated in a previous post ” one size doesn’t fit all” What works for your friend’s friend may NOT work for you.

If It is a cure for cancer the Organisations like the Macmillan organisation would be a good starting point for accurate information.

Marie Curie is another well-known organisation

These large organisations have the funds and the knowledge and would likely know or have heard about any conventional cures or natural cures.

Health food so much info on the market ..where to go? Who to talk to? Is what you ARE reading on Social media True or false? As a general rule if the website it leads you too ends in .gov or .edu they are a trusted source although e-mails received ending in edu may not always be. It is definitely a minefield out there.

I promise you that when I am giving you facts about fruit and food then I double-check the information or have used it myself.

I even check an e-mail from my bank before I open it that is how much I distrust anything sent to me or when I read an article I check either on the news or a publication that I know is always up to date. As the date is important as well, just because it has been posted now doesn’t mean that the news is current…always question and look that little bit further….It is your health and your families at risk so trust your gut and do the basic checks.

The internet is a wonderful source of information it is also a dark source of incorrect information.

Please be one of the growing number of consumers who are aware, who are not being taken in by so-called celebrity endorsements of which there are so many. Be one of the ones who makes a decision on your family’s health and the food they eat by being informed and making that decision yourself.

Be happy and confident that you have done your best and made the best information on your own findings and there are some wonderful blogs and websites who give out fully researched information.

And have fun when you are researching …I know I have …I have discovered some wonderful fruits and vegetables with so many medical benefits.


Thank you for reading this I was prompted by two articles I saw online today and had been shared by someone I knew and were blatant untruths and it took me all of 10 seconds to suss them out…..







Does it do what it says on the tin???


Morris Clean…..


Have you heard of it???

Well neither had I…

The question ladies was for me when I was asked to give an honest review….On a cleaner… Was…. Oh No!…Not again…

I have used zillions of cleaners…I have used a stores own brand cleaner…I have made my own as it was professed to be the best of the best au naturel cleaner on this earth…..Yehhhh right!

I have bought these super-duper cleaners which cost half your months salary and was hyped up so much that you just had to buy it…Your expectations were now sky-high that this was the one…The one which didn’t have a god awful smell or bring you out in a rash and left your home so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor….

Yeh right!

So….Morris Clean….I listened….I made the right noises and promised an ” Honest Review” now come on ladies, admit it …..How many times have we been disappointed?????

Who would think that one small bottle could cause us so much disappointment throughout our lives!

I got my samples….Nice packaging, clean, no frills….small though…

A bottle to put my powder in and fill the bottle with water and then give it a shake….

Well…That was easy…..

Does it look like a cleaner that cleans almost everything????? No!

Did it clean…as promised…..Hell yes!…Ladies are you in for a treat….I cleaned my ceramic hob….It didn’t have so much foam that it took ages to get rid of it and then have to buff it up…..Low foaming it is!

Wipe on, wipe off….mmmm a tad impressed..

I was now on a mission…..I sprayed it on my granddaughters white shorts which had a lovely red stain on them, on my tea shirt which…clever me had splashed curry on it while cooking and the shirt collars.

Wow….after washing…no sign of anything…

Now I was looking for something to clean that it couldn’t….They told me it was all purpose…Brave statement to make to a lady who cleans!

Oven glass door and inside….I was… I will also say only using kitchen roll and not sponge, Like I was advised to use…..I suppose I didn’t really expect too much of this Morris Clean.

Well we are talking ovens know that job we really love doing.

I sprayed and waited the required few seconds and wiped and stood there with probably a stupid grin on my face it came off…Wow!

morris%20clean%20photo_safe%20for%20you thumbnail_handbag%20cleaningplastic-furniture%20cleaning shoes%20cleaning


Garden furniture…brilliant.. those pesky marks that sticky labels leave when you take them off…even on the car…. bits of tar, trainers I always get that job and a handbag…..I will admit by now I was looking for something to clean….I was a lady on a mission but apart from pen on paint work I couldn’t find anything it wouldn’t clean.

And it’s safe!

It’s  a genuine, all round cleaner girls.

Morris Clean ….It  genuinely does have 101 uses.