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Down on the farm making charcoal.

A mud charcoal making house.

This is the mud charcoal house where the charcoal is made primarily for fuel to cook…no mod cons here at all. Well not yet pretty much everything is done how it has always been done through the generations. The skills passed down and that is what I like here so much tradition still and in the main so much happiness.

But the lifestyle is hard there are some concessions to this and progress is slowly coming but much is still done the old way and by getting your hands dirty.

Making charcoal is an art…me I just said do you just throw the wood in and light it?….The look this crazy English lady got was a look of I suppose bemusement.

Of course you don’t, for a start the charcoal house cannot be built on or close to the water table or where the drainage is poor.

The wood must be properly stacked so that when it burning the air can circulate correctly but the beauty of it being on your land is that you can stack over a period time as you come across the wood.The wood must of course be dry and the time needed to complete the burn does depend on the moisture content of the wood and also the evenness of the stacking of the wood so this is all very important.



Once it is correctly stacked it must be stacked vertically into the charcoal house then a fire is started or burning coals are put through the air vent at the top of the charcoal house once this has taken then the door must be sealed effectively to ensure proper air circulation.

The initial smoke which comes out through the top air vent and the air holes around the base is dense white smoke  which after a few days turns to a blueish colour finally it becomes practically clear smoke.

Once the burn is complete then the opening at the top of the charcoal house is sealed as are the bottom vents.

This then takes 2-3 days to cool down, when the earth kiln is cool it can be opened but there must be a supply of water available in case there are any  red fires still burning as they need to be extinguished.

carbon-592598_1920 charcoal

Once the charcoal is completely cold then it is bagged or put in baskets for home use or sale.

A typical fire for cooking on.


Cooking the steak

This is a time-consuming and back-breaking task no one has an easy life here as I am finding out but kudos to them I am often just amazed and it has made me realise what an easy life I have had. With my running water, gas, electric all the mod cons and it has changed me and I hope for the better. When the house is built here yes there will be some luxuries but you know what I am not so bothered anymore.


I won’t be cooking over a small charcoal fire unless it is a BBQ but lots of things I used to have no longer hold the same allure for me it is definitely an eye opener and maybe not the life for everyone. Just for  this crazy, whimsical English lady  it is the life I have adopted and I love it!

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Thank you for reading about my life in Thailand I do hope you enjoy it 🙂


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Brocolli and Cauliflower Cheese.

Week two in my lonely challenge….but it’s fun!   You could still join me? Oh Yes! you could! Well, I discovered a few things and recipes in my search for anything beginning with A and at the end of this post, I will attach my favorite from last week. Bet you can’t guess what it is and no chillies! But next week….Oh Yes!  is C…. Do you think I could go a week without using a chilli??????brocolli-and-cauliflower-chesse

Source: Brocolli and Cauliflower Cheese.


Good morning from sunny Thailand….I hope you are all well….

As you probably know I have been busy on Niume and I have seen few of you there which is lovely…..Well Niume are very proactive for their “Niumers” and last week sent us a short utube video on Flipboard.

My first thought was …Oh No! Not More…I can’t take it….Well one of my fellow niumers posted that he had great success…..Well….I am not one to pass up a challenge  so I ventured over to FLIPBOARD…….Well eventually because it isn’t compatible with Windows….

So I had to reinstall Chrome( which) I hate with a passion…..

Why ????? Because it picks up my IP address and although I set the language to English…. if I copy for example all the text and my headers are in Thai….I don’t read Thai!

If I google it there are so many comments all saying same and lots of hair tearing out! I spied a U tube video….Yay! I thought….How to change all this to English…Well it was in fr………ing Thai…..Urghhhhh.

Anyway I digress and have had my rant for the day.


This post for Asian beef….Got    2.1 K reads …..YES GUYS …..In one day….. 

It is sign up, set up a your post and that’s it!

The  easiest thing I have ever done….It seems to me it is just a stepping stone to your posts… a bridge and when anybody opens it, it takes them to your original post. ….Simples as the Meercats say.



2.iK   I am still gobsmacked.

So if you haven’t already pop over and let me know how you get on 🙂

Have a lovely day 🙂