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You Call It What!

Food terms which are different from around the world… I hope this helps you if you  “can’t see the wood for the trees ” (a British idiom) when you read my recipes…

Coriander  v Cilantro:

cilantro or coriander-1287301_1280

The Latin name is Coriandrum Sativum. Cilantro is the Spanish translation so I get that. We refer to the leaves and stalks as Coriander and the seeds as Coriander seeds.

 In the US it is Cilantro for the leaves and stalks and Coriander for the seeds.

The word Cilantro does not even exist in the Uk.

Aubergine v Egg Plant v Brinjal:

There are so many different varieties around the world I think everyone is familiar with the big purple one these are some which I use in my cooking here in Thailand …



Herbs v Erbs:

All I will say is we speak ” Queens English”

Courgette v Zucchini:


Zucchini is the American -English name and Courgette is the British-American pronunciation is a summer squash which can grow up to one metre in length.

Plain Flour v All-purpose Flour:

NOOOOOOO! …..   now I know why…

Ever since I have lived here in Thailand and I have tried all ways to make dumplings with my stews….”The penny has now dropped” I have been buying ” All purpose flour” because I thought it was ” All purpose”…But No!  It’s Plain fricking flour and that’s why my dumplings don’t rise….. It’s taken 5 years for this one …5 years …

Of putting it to chill in the fridge, using soda water, using different fats..you name it… I have tried it ….and it’s the flour!

Well…that’s better….rant over!

And the sun is shining… albeit watery

Rocket v Arugula:



Rump Steak v Sirloin  and Sirloin v Porterhouse:


Well, what can I say…who is right and who is wrong??? I don’t know and it is what it is depending on where we reside. I am just glad I don’t eat steak as who knows what I what I would get depending on where I was…..

Swiss Roll v Jelly Roll or even Roulade.

swiss rolls-510922_1280

A sponge cake or chiffon baked in a sheet pan and then rolled around a filling is called a roulade (for the French), a jelly roll (for the Americans), or a Swiss roll (for the English). Swiss Rolls are slightly different from jelly rolls or roulades; the sponge cake layer is thicker so it cannot be rolled as tightly. Now if that doesn’t confuse nothing will…

Swede v Rutabaga:

The word Rutabaga is an old Swedish dialectical word and swede from the Swedish Turnip so it is down to just being a preferred word in either country.

Caster Sugar v Berry sugar:


Caster sugar is super fine or bakers sugar …Berry sugar is another name they are one and the same.

Capsicum v Peppers or it could even be called Paprika…

The Brits call them red pepper, green pepper or chilli pepper. In the U.S. and Canada, the large capsicum form is known as a bell pepper but bell peppers are sweet. In India, New Zealand and down under( Australia) it is just called capsicum and in some places is called Paprika which can also refer to a powdered spice made from various capsicums. I think stop there…

I hope you enjoyed my little foray around the differences in our languages and I think it’s great and has caused many a debate but The flour …  I am off to bake…

That’s it I hope you have enjoyed your read if so please hit the share/reblog button or let me know in comments I love hearing from you.

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Cookery and Food Column with Carol Taylor – Home cured Ham and Bacon.

There is nothing like curing your own ham and bacon add home-baked bread and make your mayo…Delicious…All the recipes in one place …One stop cooking courtesy of the dream team…

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to Carol Cook’s and this week I thought I would bring to you most people’s favourite meats now who doesn’t love a bacon sarnie a BLT or a nice ham sandwich with lots of English mustard ?

Can I get bacon or ham here well yes I can and it is of dubious origins and doesn’t resemble the lovely smoked back bacon I used to love or the lovely home cured ham on the bone which I used to buy from the deli…? It is rather slimy and not something I would want to eat.

Time to make my own … I did my research and I tried alternative cures which were ok just didn’t quite cut the mustard… The celery juice was the most successful and one I do use from time to time…

My research told me that the very small amount of salt petre that I…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine -Weekly Round Up – Josh Groban, Legendary Irises, Lucious Lamb and Shark Diving!

What a weekly roundup…I have been awed, laughed and loved all of these posts…Enjoy!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed. Another week of beautiful weather here and apart from taking time out to sit and read in the sunshine…David has been removing the stumps left after the tree felling last summer, so that we can lay a lawn. It will change the whole aspect of the front garden. We then have wall repairs and new fencing and another major job off the list. We have been in the house two years next week and it has certainly been an amazing time. The biggest problem with renovating a property here in Ireland is the weather, especially for the outside work. Hats off to the tradespeople who have to contend with all the time.


Delighted to welcome author D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) as the latest regular contributor to the blog. I am sure many of you will have enjoyed Debby’s…

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Retired No One Told Me! …Weekly roundup… The Pink Ape, Limestone Karst and Obesity…

Retired No On Told Me! Weekly Roundup

Welcome to my weekly roundup which I hope you are enjoying so get your favourite cuppa, sit down put your feet up and enjoy.

This week we are starting with a fruit which many of you are not familiar with the Pomelo fruit…much larger than the grapefruit but very similar just without the bitterness and one which makes a lovely salad.

Pomelo Salad


Next, we have The Charade which is a tale of mystery and intrigue the plot of which is being published chapter by chapter. Co-written with the lovely Steph ( SC Richmond) who you may be familiar with …Can I ask that you all say a little prayer for her as things are tough for her at the moment and she could do with some TLC.


Moving on I have taken you for a trip around some of my favourite London Markets.

London Markets


After my favourite markets what could be more fitting than some street food…The Best of British…Pie, Mash and Liquor….Stewed eels anyone ???



Then it is a little tale about my experience of eating my first Salt Water Taffy and experience which I do not particularly want to repeat it was nothing to write home about but write about it I did..very unremarkable.

Salt Water Taffy( 3)


It was then the turn of the USA and my trawl through some countries which we are all familiar with and their place on an obesity chart… I couldn’t help myself … I had a little rant…I really am not a fan of greedy manufacturers and governments and I think I may well have expressed my displeasure just a tad…


After all that exertion I took you on a long tail boat ride to a lovely Sea Gypsy Village in Thailand. the beautiful village of Koh Panyee.

houses on stilts Koh Panyee


It was then over to my weekly cookery column over at Sally’s and this week it was my favourite Lamb dishes…


Finally, it was another story from my archives The Pink Ape one of my favourites little stories and one I really enjoyed writing…I do hope you enjoy it also please let me know what you think…

The Pink Ape


That’s all for now until tomorrow when it is Fruity Fridays…Will it be another exotic fruit or will it be a familiar favourite????

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The Pink Ape by Carol Ann Taylor.

The Pink Ape

While attending a writers retreat we were sometimes given prompts and 25 minutes to write:  This story comes from one such prompt we were asked to pick three pieces of paper just like a lucky dip and the 3 words were our prompts… Mine was Uruguay, Retired Prostitute and Gracious. These were my first prompts for the second I received “Who is that colourful character.” which was another prompt to be written on the return from our trip which was to Koh Panyee a village floating on the water, supported on bamboo stilts.

For my colourful character, I chose a fictional Pink ape and decided I would merge the two stories into one as he seemed to take a life all of his own…

The Pink Ape.

Prompt: Uruguay, Retired Prostitute and gracious.


Greta was en-route from Uruguay after a particularly arduous, fruitless trek through the forest lands bordering the Uruguay River on yet another frustrating excursion. No Pink Ape anywhere to be seen.

Ever since Greta had read an article in a wildlife magazine about Jungle Jim and his search for the Pink Ape she had fantasized that she would be the first to find him. Jungle Jim’s father had spotted and nearly captured The Pink Ape in the early 50’s and it was on one such expedition that his father had disappeared without a trace.

As soon as Jungle Jim finished his schooling he packed his rucksack and started his search, hoping to find his father and the Pink Ape.

Since reading this Greta had contacted Jungle Jim and had been funding his trips ever since.

It was now becoming an expensive pastime or indeed Greta was in her own words becoming obsessed; intent on being the first person to find a Pink Ape.

Jungle Jim though appeared to be on a mission, which involved relieving her of her hard-earned cash as fast as he could. Time after time she found herself on another wild goose chase.

Greta gracious to the last could not get angry with Jim but her ever-decreasing bank balance was plummeting downwards at great speed.

Bump! The plane landed. Walking across the hot, melting tarmac, the sun blazing down she saw Jungle Jim waiting.

“Greta, I have another great lead, this one’s a dead cert.”

“Come on Jim, no more, I have no funds left for another trip.”

“This one’s kosher, a definite sighting.”

Greta sighed….A Pink Ape.

The widow of one of the world’s richest men and now it was all but gone on her quest. Greta, however, was not one to give up.

Imagine the headline…..Widow of John. D. Rockingchair finds elusive “Pink Ape”

The ringing of her phone interrupted her thoughts “Hello”…she listened…sighed….” How much? Where?”

One must do what one must to find the Pink Ape, she thought.

To be continued:

The Pink Ape ( Part Two)

Prompt: Who is that colourful character.


Shelving her quest for a while Greta decided to join a group of friends on a Writers Retreat for some much-needed relaxation and writing.

Annie the host had organized trips out and other innovative ways of stretching their imaginations. It worked. The little band of scribes wrote, the words flowing from their pens.

The writers had a workshop on the beach,  watched slides, picked words from an envelope, closed their eyes and stabbed their fingers to somewhere randomly on a map. All of this inspired the writers to write and write they did with abandon.

One day Greta and her writer friends were going to Koh Panyee a village floating on the sea, the houses supported on bamboo stilts, another inspirational trip.

The day began with yoga and breakfast, Greta’s was a Thai omelette and a fruit platter,  soon it was time to go.

A slightly overcast day, grey and black clouds chasing each other across the sky as the writers set off on another adventure, a trip to get their thoughts flowing, exciting, so much fun. Into the bus, they clambered chattering away like magpies.

Soon they arrived at Sarasin Bridge, through the checkpoint, leaving the island of Phuket behind. Our tour guide Toon told tales of lovers who jumped into those waters many years ago. A story of forbidden love ending tragically is the bridges most legendary love story.

Just as in that other famous tale of forbidden love, Romeo & Juliet, the lovers made their way to Sarasin Bridge and with a loincloth, they tethered themselves to each other, one last emotional clinch and they jumped. When their bodies were finally recovered, it is said that they were still locked in their deathly embrace.

Arriving at the port the writers alighted from the bus, trooped across the dusty road, a quick wee and some impromptu hat shopping. Time to go, some climbing awkwardly, particularly Greta, onto the boat, ready for the journey, away they chugged, spray refreshing on their faces; towards their destination.

Calm and peaceful they passed imposing limestone karst rising majestically out of the emerald green sea; on the opposite banks, a total contrast, and Mango swamps eerie but beautiful. Greta shivered involuntarily imagining snakes and who knows what else lurking within. Maybe even a Pink Ape.

Suddenly the village appeared, brightly coloured shacks mixing with others, weathered and worn. Wandering through little Soi’s delighting at the beautiful pearls fashioned into necklaces, bracelets and earrings, dried fish, spicy, sweet mixes, wooden carvings of elephants. Those frogs that made a croaking sound when you ran the stick down its back, beautiful batik lovingly fashioned, much to see and delight at.

Amongst it all daily life meandered slowly alongside, men mending fishing nets, old ladies asleep in the doorways of their house or chattering in little groups, small boys laughing and swimming in the murky water below us, while Greta just imagined what dangers lurked in those same waters.

What was that? A quick movement had caught her eye, was that a flash of pink?

Greta turned. Nothing!

The air hot, humid; Greta’s need for water and sustenance was now a must, Greta made her way over uneven boards to a small restaurant to join her fellow writers. Plate after plate of delicious food was carried out to their table by a smiling Thai lady.

Tummy’s full of curried crab, prawns, fried rice and morning-glory, fingers smelling of that curry, but, Oh, What fun to eat.

Sadly, the time had come to leave this village floating on bamboo poles; rain which had threatened to fall all day finally came down. Moving inside the restaurant to escape the downpour the gang of scribe’s… people watched and dreamed of what they would write. Suddenly a small child unable to get his way erupted…what a tantrum, his mother tried to reason with him, that didn’t work and then exasperated she smacked him…Did he stop? Oh No!

He was in full flight.

Along came daddy, picked him up and cuddled him. Mum’s face was a picture and one which those of us with children could relate too…Oh Yes!

The rain had eased, into the boat they climbed, tired, ready for the journey home. Skillfully navigating the receding waters, the long tail boat moved swiftly with its now familiar chugging sound, they were homeward bound.

How busy this channel was now, lots of boats backwards and forwards, happy tourists, waving at all and sundry.

The tide now low, exposed the roots of the mangroves, creepy and beautiful.

Settling back, totally relaxed… A flash of pink caught Greta’s eye.

Sitting, waving from a gnarled branch was Jungle Jim the ever elusive Pink Ape draped around his neck!

The End.

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – Getting to Know You.

I do lead a boring life…Carpet slippers and hairnet included… Haha…Fooled you…

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I know that you were expecting some new and delicious recipes here today from our resident cookery expert Carol Taylor… however, I thought instead that I would share Carol’s Getting to Know you post instead. Since you were already here!!!

Carol and I teamed up a year ago for a cook from scratch series (expect that to be reshared at some point). And then as the blog moved towards a more magazine style, I suggested that Carol might like to be the food columnist. Since the beginning of the year we have been treated to recipes for many of our favourite ingredients but also some of the more exotic offerings of her home in Thailand. Always beautifully presented and easy to follow.

Carol’s column directory: https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/carol-taylors-food-and-cookery-column-2018/

Before Carol shares the five questions that she has chosen for her interview, here is a little more about her.

About Carol Taylor

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The Bloggers Bash 2018


Oh, how I wish I could have been there… Next year hopefully. I was there in spirit in between watching the Royal Wedding and it was glorious… A beautiful wedding … Ahhhhh I did shed a tear or three.

I was very honoured and surprised to be even nominated and many, many thanks to everyone who voted for me as I got second place in the Hidden Gems award…I would like to congratulate the worthy winner The Quiet Knitter on her 1st place…

I would also like to say well done to everyone else …The Winners, those who came 2nd and 3rd and not forgetting the other nominees…Everyone is a star and a winner placed or not …winning is a bonus …A lovely one but a bonus…

You all rock and have wonderful blogs.

I now have lots of new blogs to check out as many of the winners and placed blogs I didn’t know but why would I?

The blogosphere is huge and so many blogs…

From the comments I have seen the committee did a brilliant job..so well done you all deserve a badge of honour for your hard work.


Thank you again to everyone who took time to vote me…I truly am beyond honoured xxx  Love you all xxx