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Healthy Eating…No more diets…

No more...Diets Healthy eating (1)

Wow, what a week… They are all out and safe …Just in case you have been cocooned somewhere away from the maddening crowd and don’t know what I am talking about… The Thai boys and their teacher who were trapped in a cave near where I live…It must have been so scary for them not knowing if help was coming…But it did …Do you know what pleased me the most ???

It was how the whole world united and that made me so happy…Sad for the brave Ex-Navy Seal who lost his life such a brave man…R.I.P … You will always be remembered for your bravery…

I have shed a few tears these last few weeks…AND

The healthy eating? … That went out the window…She who doesn’t eat crisps..DID…She who doesn’t really snack…DID!

I was fixated on the news but with consequences…

I now feel really out of sorts…Tired, sluggish, really tired…No Energy… Zilch!

What am I doing about it?? Well, Sally’s post this week was very timely ( For Moi) I am going to detox and get back on track…


What am I not going to do???

 Beat myself up?… Nope…I can’t change the last few weeks…But…I can change over the next few weeks…

Don’t wish me luck…Because I AM GOING TO DO IT!

It’s the little changes we can make, isn’t it?


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

There is so much written about what we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat, how much sugar or salt foods contain, how much of this, how much of that…I can’t blame anyone for feeling like ..What do we eat then?

How did you get on after reading last weeks post?? Did you start any herbs or plants? Did you find any communal gardens  I always love to hear how you are getting on in comments and not just the good … We all have days or weeks we rather forget…


Below are just a few small ways you can start to make changes it covers a few of the main food groups things most of us eat or cook with on a regular basis and often there are so many choices for alternatives that we at loss as to what we can replace our regular food with. I hope this makes it a little easier for you.

I am also not going to bombard you with statistics and ingredients we can all look at a bottle or a can to see what is in it…If we don’t know ..google it… ask…question…we should all know what we are eating and feeding our families…It is then our choice as to whether we change or continue.

Sugary drinks…

Expensive I hear you say ….no it is not… Most of what we eat is taught to us…we teach our children, our parents taught us…some folks when they grow older make their own choices…That’s fine…but make an informed choice and try an alternative you may like it.

Water is healthy. Coffee and tea are healthy it is maybe what you put in it which is NOT.

Soda water with ice and lime or lemon is a nice refreshing drink. Freeze some fruit orange slices or pomelo fruit, and pop it in the glass with the soda water..very nice and refreshing.

Green Tea drinking set-3057645_640

Some nice green tea now I know how to brew it correctly…No more bitter green tea for me … I also love the way it is drunk and am on the hunt for a nice green tea set like the one pictured it just makes you feel special …I think so anyway and makes it pleasurable.

Coconut juice and yes I am lucky I have a tree and can go buy it fresh but you must have something where you live which is in season, fresh and you can juice or make into a smoothie.

So ditch the soda and think about what you can drink, think about what you like to drink…That is healthier than those sugar-laden sodas.

Pizza…One of the unhealthiest foods on the planet…

Does that mean you can never eat Pizza again…No!


Make homemade pizza instead ..Let the kids help… Make your own pizza sauce by pureeing cooked, peeled tomatoes with oregano and fresh garlic  Use low-fat mozzarella cheese so that your child gets plenty of calcium from his slice without all of the saturated fat. Skip the pepperoni and high-fat meats and add some chicken or prawns and add their favourite vegetables.  If they like olives even better add black olives for some heart-healthy unsaturated fat. One of my grandsons absolutely loved olives from the age of about one and a half, instead of sweets I used to buy him olives…

Make your own base…I have made a cauliflower base and it is lovely, Portobello mushrooms, a sweet potato base..there are so many options for bases some for another post…..It is all about experimenting and playing with flavours, food should be fun and especially Pizza because it really is a fun food ..isn’t it???

Cauliflower Pizza Base…


  • 1 medium head cauliflower.
  • 1 egg, large.
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning (dried oregano or basil)
  • 1/8 tsp salt.
  • 1/4 tsp ground black pepper.
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese, grated/shredded.
  • Cooking spray, I make my own spray I don’t do bought oil in spray cans…I have a little stainless steel one for oil.

Let’s Cook!

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F/190 C and line a baking sheet with unbleached parchment paper.

Rinse cauliflower, remove the outer leaves, separate into florets and chop into smaller pieces. Process in a food processor in 2 batches, until “rice” texture forms.

Transfer cauliflower rice on a prepared baking sheet and bake for 10 mins this just removes some of the moisture.

Remove cooked cauliflower rice from the oven, transfer to a bowl lined with a double/triple layered cheesecloth or linen towel, and let cool for 5 minutes.

Then squeeze the liquid out of the ball as hard as you can. Be patient and do this a few times until barely any liquid comes out.

Increase oven temperature to 4 degrees F/200 C. Then in a medium mixing bowl whisk the egg with dried herbs, salt and pepper for 10 seconds. Add cheese and squeezed cauliflower mix very well with a spatula until combined.

Line the same baking sheet with new parchment paper and spray with cooking spray. Transfer cauliflower dough to the middle and flatten with your hands until thin pizza crust forms.

Bake for 20 minutes, carefully flip with a spatula and bake for a few more minutes. Top with your favourite toppings and bake again until cheese on top turns golden brown.

Slice and enjoy!

Let the kids help you can never second guess a child and what they will like.  Encourage them to help prepare their food…They are more likely to eat what they help prepare.

Teach em young Lily making pastry 3

Start them young here is Little Lily… although she is not so little now she still loves to cook and always eats what she cooks…You also have happy kids …

N.B. Just a little note it took me a couple of trial runs before I got the base the right thickness I don’t like thick crust but made it too thin at first…


If you love white bread, opt for a brand that is made with UNbleached white flour. Or try the bread with 100% whole grain unbleached wheat flour–

Or treat yourself to some of the lovely artisan loaves of bread available or make your own..with rapid, instant yeast it is now much easier and there are also so many recipes for sourdough starters…

Also, there is nothing more satisfying than making bread…It is great when your mood is less than happy a bit of kneading that dough works wonders…lol

If you are on a particular diet for health reasons or a food intolerance it can be a minefield I hope this helps

Gluten-free junk food…

Is high in sugar, unhealthy oils, and refined grains. I think that it is abhorrent that manufacturers make foods which they know that many people with a gluten intolerance buy and that is actually very unhealthy. Some people choose to take the label “gluten-free” to mean the same things as “healthy,” which is not accurate.

Naturally, gluten-free foods include beans, pulses, milk, yoghurt, cheese, fish, shellfish, fruit, meat, poultry, nuts, seeds, butter, and oil.

I hope this has been of help when you are deciding which is healthier to eat and it doesn’t mean expensive foods it generally means fresh either home-grown or bought from local markets, food in season or food you have made in your own kitchen.

If you are out and about or at work take your own in a little-insulated bag to keep it fresh and find a nice park bench or a little seat somewhere to eat and watch the world go by.

Until next week I am off to start my detox…

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Enjoy the rest of your week, have fun, eat healthily and stay mindful xxx








Healthy Eating…How to lose weight and eat the foods you love! A challenge!

No more tofu

Here we are again and my posts about Obesity around the world and the causes has finished not quite on the note I hoped and was it an eye-opener? …If I am honest…NO!… And Yes…How does that make me feel? It makes me very sad that the greed of big manufacturers, businesses and governments knows no bounds…

It makes me wonder why…Yes, why? We let them do this… I think that we are complacent, that if it doesn’t directly affect us…We do nothing…

Then smack, Bang, Wallop… How did that happen???

We all need to wake up…smell the coffee… Question what we don’t understand whether it affects us or not because one day it will…If it doesn’t already it will affect our children…Our grandchildren…Future generations… someone’s child, someone’s mum, someone’s dad…Just someone!

What can we do???

We can take charge we can be in charge of our own bodies our own destinies and yes some things we cannot change but maybe if we change our eating habits we can lessen the effects of poor choices… of a bad diet…

Are YOU willing to try???


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

Let’s do this for ourselves our families and Let’s kick these big companies into touch…Lets cook from scratch…Let’s check where our food comes from…Let’s try… Let’s say NO! To fast food…Let’s say NO! To processed food…

I want you to tell me and everyone who reads this what you are doing…Join in…Do a guest post…I dare you…I invite you…

What works for you? What has made your condition A) Go away B) Ease your symptoms..??

This is my challenge to YOU…

What am I going to do? I am going to try Tofu…Have a couple of meat-free days a week…I hope some of you will send me some of your tried and tested recipes I can post on here…Give me your opinions on Tofu…I have none…I don’t eat it…I don’t cook with it…

Tofu 3


But I have bought some and it sits in my fridge and I am going to try it… I am meeting opposition…The men…They love their meat BUT they have promised to try it…Will they be biased? I am going to make this dish as tasty as I can …We will see…Will I like it will they like it???

What are you going to do?

My parting words… I love food…I love good food… I believe you can eat what you like and be healthy…I believe in moderation…I bet you were wondering when my favourite word was going to creep in…haha

I love walking…I walk a lot…I don’t like jumping about like a lunatic to music or someone shouting… We all know we should exercise… Find your favourite exercise it doesn’t have to be costly gyms unless that is your thing… But it does have to be enjoyable…You have to love what you do and eat… Then you will be healthy…

Until next week and Tofu xxx

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I am a crazy English lady with opinions and a quirky sense of humour…  I look forward to meeting you x

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Have a lovely week xx





Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… The US.

No more (6) US

Welcome back to Carol’s Bootcamp…I can’t think why I called it that as this is not about being on a diet but Healthy Eating and I know some people like structure but at some point you will either get fed up with the restrictions of the said diet and then pile the pounds back on or spend the rest of your life eating foods which you don’t really enjoy but they are supposed to be good for you… Well, to hell with all that!

Life is for living…Food is for enjoying…

What I have decided to do is some comparisons …It started with a headline about obesity. Country by country and percentages and then I got to thinking about the difference in lifestyles and options or just what we have always eaten..But then those stats began to make sense to me…

Today I am looking at the eating habits of the US who are at numero 19 with a percentage of 33.7%

Yes, I know… I said I was comparing the top and bottom of the table…I got ahead of myself…It is next weeks POST and then back to normal…Sorryeeee

I have family in the US and loved all my holidays I spent there albeit they were a few years ago now and I suspect much has changed…

I still remember the portions though and how a doggy bag was the norm…Something which was foreign to us Brits and I suspect still is to many people.


The breakfast buffets were my favourite but I still have vivid memories of how high some piled their plates and went back numerous times for a refill… How anyone could eat that amount of food is beyond me …A plate piled high actually turns me off eating…

pancake stack US

I have also REALISED from comments made in the media, by fellow bloggers who live in the US  about processed foods and I am shocked by how many chemicals and pesticides which are banned in other countries are still being allowed in the food chain…


I have just finished reading barring the charts and links  Food Forensics… A fascinating and scary insight into what goes into food in the US and the consequences to the health of Americans is horrendous… Chemicals which are banned in other countries.

So what do my American cousins eat for breakfast… Cooked tomatoes now as we always asked for ours to be cooked which was a great source of amusement but once tried by my cousins..they much prefer cooked tomatoes with their bacon…

Biscuits( scones), grits, crispy bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, cold tomatoes( hot) ham steaks, breakfast meats on the list is endless…cinnamon toast being my favourite…

Lunch and dinner… Meat and processed foods…hamburger-1281855_1280

One-third of the nation is obese and that figure is rising ..recent stats are scary…40% of the population are living with one or more chronic diseases most of which are preventable and 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic diseases…

My question? why is this not being addressed more robustly …Answers on a postcard as we all know why!


Although exercise is on the increase the obesity rate is still growing and the number one cause of death is Heart Disease…

There is so much engineered hyperpalatable junk food and such aggressive marketing aimed at kids it is no wonder…

I dread to think when I look at The Cook Islands and why they hold the top spot on the obesity chart… what on earth do they eat… I probably could hazard a good guess…

What is the world coming to this little exercise of mine has opened my eyes even wider and I am appalled at the fact that due to greed on the part of governments and manufacturers despite rising national obesity rates and health costs THEY still do nothing …

The mind boggles as to how much their profits, backhanders or under the table dealings raise and swell their coffers that the people they are meant to serve and protect do not get their protection.

We all need to wake up and smell the coffee and HELP ourselves because no other bugger will!


Who do you cheat??? Yourself!

Thank you for reading and I do hope you are enjoying this little series if so please hit the share button.

I would apologise for my rant but I won’t … I care about my health I have but one body and I am appalled at how little most governments and manufacturers display absolute contempt for my health, my families and friends health…How many dear friends and family have suffered and or died because of all these chemicals in our diets …Yes, I know some things we cannot prevent …Most we can…

So no apologies for caring… I love you all xxx

Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… France.

No more Diets France


Welcome back to Carol’s Bootcamp…I can’t think why I called it that as this is not about being on a diet but Healthy Eating and I know some people like structure but at some point you will either get fed up with the restrictions of the said diet and then pile the pounds back on or spend the rest of your life eating foods which you don’t really enjoy but they are supposed to be good for you… Well, to hell with all that!

Life is for living…Food is for enjoying…

So what I have decided to do is some comparisons …It started with a headline about obesity …Country by country and percentages and then I got to thinking about the difference in lifestyles and options or just what we have always eaten..But then those stats began to make sense to me…

Today I am looking at the eating habits of the French…

France sits at numero 66 with a % of 23.9%.

If you wish to check where your country sits Click Here

It has been many years since my last visit to France and they have always been in the forefront for food and wines and are known for beautiful raw milk artisan cheeses and of course bread. Their pastries include macarons, croissants so many the choice is mind-blowing and waist-expanding…


The French are among the slimmest race in Europe… But…Obesity is on the increase.

Their food has fewer preservatives than most countries and home cooking is high on the agenda as is buying from local farmers and markets…Although fast food outlets are on the increase the French mainly stick to their values and eating together as families and work colleagues are mainly still the norm.

Although the large supermarkets and out-of-town stores have longer opening hours  locally shops are only open Mon through to Saturdays with Sundays being closed or only open until noon thus leaving the afternoon for a leisurely family lunch which can last for over 2 hours..this is much like the Thai way of eating  where food is meant to be enjoyed and you sit at a table and eat, children are also expected to eat what the adults eat you will not see children’s menus here or very few because of that practice…Good eating habits are taught from an early age no picky eaters here…

The French also eat smaller portions and very rarely snack…They have a sweet time around 4pm when the children come out of school called “Le gouter ” which is a daily ritual and never missed. You may also find adults eating something sweet in a cafe at this time.

Walking and cycling are encouraged here in France and my abiding memory is lots of bikes and people walking…So why the increase in obesity?

Maybe the youngsters are spending more time online and tending to snack more …I don’t know sometimes these things just creep up on you …don’t they? Pretty much like us really we adopt a sensible eating plan and then maybe a snack or two creeps in and before we know it those pounds creep back on.

What do the French traditionally eat? 

Duck and rabbit are still eaten and like the English and the Thais, most or all of the animal is eaten…Escargots snails in Garlic, Coq Au Vin, Beef Bourguignon, Onion Soup, Croissants, Macarons, Creme Brule( one) of my favourite desserts so many meals which are known and eaten around the world…

French Cuisine is one of the best with the main meal being midday and it is very rare the French go out for drinks they go out to Dinner.

Although the French are renowned for their love of wine still or sparkling water is the preferred accompaniment to a meal although many still drink wine although the wine glasses are smaller than you would find elsewhere around the world. It is also rare to see fizzy drinks or a pint of beer on the dinner table.

Overall I do think that the French have a healthy attitude to food with their three meals a day plus the Le Gouter ( sweet) treat, smaller portions and no snacking. They have 3-course meals starter, main and dessert and maybe a cheese course so I suppose you wouldn’t need to snack…Would you??? Kids they are expected to eat the same as the adults so again no picky eaters allowed… Plus walking or riding a bike is good exercise..

Before I go  I hope you have enjoyed the insight into how the French eat and what they eat…

I have been shocked this week…I was browsing the internet as we do and came across what I thought were absolutely ludicrous claims ” Lose 40 lbs in 4 weeks and all without having a limb amputated…Really??

Mix baby oil and camphor rub into your belly fat and watch it disappear… Really???

Well if you take a daily walk you would lose belly fat and much more…I did…Why would I want to smell like a pine tree ???


Does anyone seriously …read this crap and do it???

If anyone doesn’t get the meaning of a pink pig flying it is an English saying when we don’t believe something …Oh, Look! A pink pig just flew past!

Fads don’t work…Healthy Eating…No snacking every hour and exercise …THAT WORKS!

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