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Posts from Your Archives – Properly trained, man can be a dog’s best friend! by Carol Taylor

Another of my archived pots which Sally is sharing for me ….So many dogs and so many unwanted, scared dogs..Soi Dogs is a wonderful organisation and wherever you live in the world they can get a dog to you who will be your forever friend…Thank you Sally for sharing this post ūüôā

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I recently invited you to share some of your posts from your archives. It is a way of giving your earlier or favourite posts a chance to be read by a different audience. Mine. Details of how you can participate is at the end of the post.

Today one of the regular posts from Carol Taylor’s archives and I am delighted that Carol will be in the Monday spot until Christmas.

Properly trained, man can be a dog’s best friend! by Carol Taylor

Anyone who has been or lived in Thailand knows that they have a huge stray dog population. I also have many friends who have ‚ÄĚ adopted ‚ÄĚ stray‚Äôs/street dogs and generally it is in the plural.

Come on who can resist a sad face particularly when it’s a cute puppy or a dog who looks as if he just needs a cuddle, a clean bed and nice…

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It’s been a while! Saangchai and my life with humans.



At last…she has stopped typing….what’s a dog to do…I don’t get a chance to get on here ever ….woof

Best be quick..woof but I can hear the shower going so I should be ok for a while…woof

I just want to wish Farley a happy birthday…9 yrs old..that’s quite old for a dog in dog years..woof…I am 2 and a bit well quite a big bit..2 1/2 years old..woof.

I have settled down in my new home..so has my mum she likes it here..always writing though she doesn’t stop…woof. She has been sorting out photos and mumbling a lot…do all humans do that? She said it serves her right for not labelling them properly as she takes them and I think she has a few years worth to go through…she is on a mission I think…woof

I have got to have my rabies¬†thing this week..that’s where that man they call a vet sticks this sharp thing in me…woof…human kids get a sweet when they have an injection…I don’t woof….

Saangchai 2017

There are lots of Soi dogs here they make terrible noises at night always barking and yowling and those 3 that live opposite me..what yappers they are ..it drives me mad..I just get comfortable lying in the sun and someone goes past and yap, yap yap..woof… but the cute little dog next door is very nice…woof , woof and we have fun when she comes out to play and we run and chase my little mistress while she rides her bike..she is nice though she laughs at me and cuddles me and gives me treats…woof but my mistress says I eat too many and she is not to give them to me unless she says so..woof

She does cook me nice food though and I get yummy marrow bones as a treat…I am not allowed to have that tinned stuff…woof that’s what she calls it…says it bad for me…My master says he is just a dog!

Just a dog! That’s not nice, is it?…..But I suppose he is ok… he takes me out for walks..woof

Oh….woof..shower ¬†has stopped..better go..my mistress doesn’t like anyone using her laptop..woof…








Saangchai and my life with humans.


Woof…..guess what????….I saw some pictures of my mum today…woof…. Soi Dogs that wonderful place which looked after me and took me of the streets until I got my forever home…woof. Looked after mum until she got adopted…woof

My mum was adopted by a lovely couple in the Uk…woof. Soi Dogs www.soidog.org
¬†organised all that to make sure she got a really good home…isn’t she lucky?…Her name now is Sansa…woof

She travelled all that way on one of those¬† noisy metal¬†birds which go up so high in the sky…..woof….Lucky for me when I moved house I had a nice bed in the Fronteria and air con and got lots¬†of stops. I think I would have been very scared to go on one of those metal birds…woof…

My mum… woof must be very brave to go on one of them but I know cos my human mum said that nice people go with them so they don’t get scared¬†and¬†woof isn’t my mum¬†pretty…woof…my human¬†mum says she has the same eyes as me..woof

My mum….Woof…..


If you love dogs and could give a dog like Saangchai and Sansa a new forever home¬† please contact¬†Soi Dogs they¬†work tirelessly here in Thailand by running¬† sterilization and vaccine¬† clinics they also help stop the meat trading in Dogs. 12143301_978517542189981_966576195525016972_n 12122711_978517528856649_3893577881246430365_n 12108723_978517515523317_8241193445479086222_n¬†These dogs were the lucky ones! …. if you can help please contact Soi Dogs¬† www.soidog.org
… ūüôā They would be so pleased to hear from you and if¬† you can’t adopt,¬†then maybe consider a donation or offer¬† some other help. They also have a FB Page¬†www.facebook.com/SoiDogPageInEnglish

Woof….. Saangchai and Sansa( woof) my mum…woof….. I am so pleased I have a picture¬† of my mum…woof……woofs and tailwags……..Saanchai


Saang Chai……my life with humans!

Shooooosh..Hey I’m back..my mistress has gone to get a fresh Coconut drink and I thought I would sneak on…she has been working like a trojan on her book and a dog hasn’t had chance to get a¬†word in…..I shadow her and zilch… but she’s been gone a while and I can hear her talking so if I type quick I can update you on my exploits…all good..woof!

We are moving soon¬†and I am going on a plane not sure if I like that idea but spose it’s better than being in a truck or car for 18hours..that’s what mum says anyway and she knows best. I must have cage so she’s getting one from the vets this week to get me used to it..she doesn’t me to get scared..but I’m tough…wooof

We are getting a house…she said, with a garden that is walled in.. so Houdini can’t get¬†out…I have never met this Houdini don’t know who they are, woof….

Our garden is big here with lots of trees and lots of places I can get out…..but I bring presents back……my mistress doesn’t like it though and my master went to see the man who keeps¬† putting presents out for me…he he …he has now put a cage round his black bags with such big gaps.. I can just walk straight in and get a bag…..my master is quite angry..but what’s a dog to do we all get the bags and love seeing what’s in them.


I was very sick the other week though and had to go to¬†the vet…he gave me an injection and tablets and my mistress kept saying to me I was a silly boy and why did I eat things from these bags when she cooked¬†me nice food…well she does…I get fresh cooked chicken and kidneys..all sorts and nice bones but I am a dog……woof



I don’t bark and growl at her friends anymore and then I get lots of pats so that’s good

Uh Oh…here she comes best go…until next time and I will tell you all about my plane ride…woof

Merry Christmas One and All.

Phewww nearly there and nearly over and I bet I’m not the only one who will sit down, put their feet up with glass of vino or whatever your tipple is and give a big sigh……

In the meantime..ha ha…where shall we start???????

Bacon brining check, pressies wrapped check, well still waiting for 3, yes 3, princess dresses for my 3-year-old granddaughter to arrive..this is not because she doesn’t already have a wardrobe full..but she wants a long one..to the ground Nannie???SAM_4095And if you aren’t familiar with ” Frozen” and no I don’t mean¬†when you have been out in the cold and snow , walking the mutt and your fingers and feet are fit to drop off…… I mean ” Frozen” and that song is forever etched upon my brain..ha ha….I meant to order one but when said child is on your lap whilst you are perusing the sites..how can you say NO??????¬† Yeh, Yeh I hear you ……

Sausage rolls sorted and when you can’t get sausage meat..you adapt and I have¬† and I will say so myself you would not know the difference.SAM_7407

Woof…sneaked in while she ( my mistress)¬†is taking a break……haven’t been around much lately……been a bit..just a tad…naughty……I like chasing joggers on the beach woof¬†….they spoil all my fun so now I have to stay on the lead…..sorted that one..chewed through it..he he……Well it was old I had it 3 days..ooopppps…. But woof I think I have learnt…because every time I growled and barked…and I must say…I sound fierce…..my mistress slapped me with her flip flop….and I thought they were for chewing and I can jump the wall even though my master has put something on the top …….woof…..pesky cats..gotta chase them…so when their friend came over the other day …woof…..I grew a brain…. Didn’t bark, let him stroke me and they were happy…..so I think I know what to do now…….those pressies look nice …I wonder if I can peek……do you think? woof…. Merry Christmas …

Oh I see Saang Chai has added his two penneth¬† ha ha……. he was such good boy the other day when a friend came round didn’t growl or bark, hopefully he has learnt, he is so lovely and I hate scolding him but he has been so naughty at times….puppies…..

So it’s nearly upon us …..just the last-minute bits to do and then it’s the New Year…..


I hope you all have a wonderful time, eat , drink and be merry as they say and laugh a lot…play all your christmas oldies and enjoy! Love you all xxxxx


Life of a Street Dog( Soi Dog) called Saang Chai.

Woof and lots of tail wagging because I now have my forever home.


I met my mistresses neighbours yesterday ..they asked..because I keep growling at her when she comes out to peg her washing on the line..woof..I don’t mean it I just don’t really trust anyone when I don’t know¬†them because I have been kicked a¬†few times…woof..and it hurts…….Now I have my forever home I know that they will not hurt me like that…woof

I did bark a little bit but my mistress was there and then the lady let me sniff her..she smelt ok…I don’t think she will hurt me so next time maybe I won’t bark so much.

They left me indoors last night on my own…. only for a little while…….it was quite dark and we had no lights¬† I heard them say it was a power cut again..so they went to get something to eat….it came on soon after they left but I couldn’t get a signal on my i-phone..woof..to let them know…woof

They left me my dinner and a bone so I chewed that for a while ..checked out the garden and came inside to wait……..When they came back I heard my little master¬†telling my mistress I had chewed her furniture. she didn’t believe him …….they were laughing and trying to make her angry I think ..but I hadn’t… wasn’t I good?….I got lots of pats and good boys…woof……

Laters chat next week ..woof

Saang Chai ….my life with my humans!

Woof…..sorry everyone and Janet ( I know you missed me cos my mistress told me)¬†but my mistress has been away on some Writers Retreat so I couldn’t write…she took her laptop with her and¬† left me with my big master and little master. She was away a long time and I really missed her because she is nice to me and when I am naughty she sticks up for me…….well…SAM_7054

I suppose I had better be truthful… when she was away I was really naughty……I chewed the new door..well ..can’t say I licked it¬†any more can I and my master he smacked me very hard..with his flip-flop. I was quite miffed at that and when my little mistress come to play…I was so grumpy¬†I growled at her…I know I shouldn’t…and I was sorry..but I got another smack….I couldn’t wait for my mistress to come home she is nice to me..well my master is really he just doesn’t let me get away with being naughty…woof

But he let me¬†out in the big garden and¬† I was good I only dug a few holes woof¬†……..I can have more fun now¬†because I can chase my little master when he on his bike and we do have fun.

My big master is ok really he always shares his toast with me in the mornings.

But now my mistress is back I get lots of cuddles and treats and I can sleep in her study while she writes which is nice…cos she has the aircon on and it’s lovely and cool.

When she came back she took me to the vets to get my claws clipped and she bought me¬†a new lead…a nice blue one with pictures on it….because well.. while she away …Because I am much bigger now¬†I can reach it …. I chewed the clip of the end so it won’t go on my harness anymore¬†when I go for walks… so I suppose I was quite naughty while she was away…woof…they haven’t noticed the wall yet or if they have they haven’t said…so don’t tell on me will you?

Maybe she will take me with her next time…What do you think?